A Life in a Bikini

What would life be like to wake up, grab your favorite bikini, and head out to enjoy a warm sun-filled day every single day? Most of us will never know, except of course, on vacation. So what about those who travel the world? The ones always snapping pictures near perfectly blue water? If I knew, I would be writing about that life. Unfortunately, I probably will never be able to enjoy that luxury. A girl can only dream, and that is one of my dreams.

Now most of you have no idea who I am. Whelp, here’s a some background on myself. I am a 23 year old woman, with an office job. I love yoga (even though I don’t practice as much as I would like to), I love wine, summertime and (could I forget) bikinis. I don’t get to enjoy much summer sun unless I skip work or the weekend is full of perfect sunshine. Those perfect sunny weekends, if given an option I would do nothing but lounge by (or in) a pool on a giant unicorn float in my favorite bikini. No, I don’t have the body most of us dream with, and yes at times I wish I did have that body. But you know what? I am perfectly fine with how my body is. I don’t have those six-pack abs we see in movies, or on Instagram and I am fine with that. Maybe my body wasn’t made for that, maybe I don’t try hard enough to achieve that type of body. Or maybe I just don’t care enough. Why should we live up to that expectation society puts on women? And even men!  Society has chosen what women and men should look like, and who is “properly fitted” to wear a bikini or not wear a shirt with swim trunks. WRONG! Be brave, if YOU like a certain bikini, wear it. Stop letting the world choose who YOU are, and how YOU feel about YOUR body.

People can be hypocrites, and I admit sometimes I may be as well. I blame that on society. Making me feel ashamed of how I look because I’m not “like a Victoria Secret’s Angel”. Personally, I do not think those women are truly happy with themselves. They may have the money, and the attention of people worldwide, but can you seriously picture yourself working out almost every day? How about NOT eating your favorite snack? So yes, I am happy with how I look. In short, I can live every day in a bikini if I was given the option. To travel the world, take beautiful pictures with the ocean behind me and a bright sun. I won’t experience that, but I can choose to live some summer days in a bikini and not give a s*** about what anyone but myself thinks. So here is to you, to me, and everyone worldwide. Live YOUR life in a bikini. Be proud of who you are and stand tall. Stop letting society break you down and feel ashamed.


2 thoughts on “A Life in a Bikini

    1. I think that is the most important thing in life. Not being who others want you to be. You have to live with yourself, they don’t. Make yourself happy and in turn, others will be happy with you.


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