Day Trip To Adventure Aquarium

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to Camden, NJ to explore  Adventure Aquarium. Now I have been there before, twice before in fact, and loved it so much I was just as excited as the first time. You could easily spend the entire day taking your time reading all the fun facts and just seeing the marine life. Some people may think that aquariums are only for families of little kids, but they are wrong. I’m 23 years old and nothing excites me more than reading fun facts and seeing them up close and personal. You can’t do that at your beach visit now can you?

From being able to touch sharks, stingrays (and FEED them!), starfish, a rare blue lobster to walking across the brand new shark bridge. Adventure Aquarium also has more up close and personal encounters for an additional fee. Visitors can choose from shark/ray encounters, penguin encounters or even sea turtle encounters! The aquarium is also broken up into about five different zones, helping to make it easier for families to explore their favorite animals.

This year, the aquarium has added some special features. Piranha Falls is one of them, and might I add, was the COOLEST newest addition I have ever seen (yes more than the new shark bridge which I will get too). Piranha Falls obviously has piranhas, but what makes it so special was the special effects. The sounds, the lightening, and the rain make you truly feel like you are in the Amazon. Another attraction was the shark bridge where guests are walking just INCHES above the sharks swimming below you with nothing but some netting. Adventure Aquarium also happens to have the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast and the ONLY aquarium in the United States to have a hammerhead shark on exhibit.

Admission isn’t bad either, $28 (currently) for an adult for the entire day, and of course any special feedings or encounters will cost more but you can check that out here. If you do happen to spend the day, spend an extra $5 for the Ferry Combo and take the ferry over to Philadelphia (it does include going back to Camden). It is a nice little ride and there is so much to explore during the summer months. We happened to go during the River Walk and again we had a blast.