Times Are Changing

Money. Every single person loves that word. Money can mean so many different things and mean something different than what another person thinks of it as. For some it can mean just living through each day trying to get by until the next paycheck. While others may think of it as “fun”, you know those billionaires who have more than enough money that they don’t even know what to do. And for others, it means just living a comfortable life.  The way you are “taught” to think of it as a child, you will grow up potentially thinking the same way.

Growing up, my mother didn’t give us toys just because. My siblings and I didn’t have an allowance either. Thinking back now, I think that was  great idea. Some kids thought cleaning or picking up after themselves meant money, but I was taught that picking up and cleaning was part of my responsibility. Working and chores are two completely different things. Most kids I grew up with didn’t have jobs in high school, as long as they did some chores they had some money. Or there are those rich spoiled kids who have money.

I had my own bank account, my own money, my own phone bill and I even had to help pay for gas when I used the car and car insurance. That taught me to be independent and not to rely on my mother for money. It also taught me responsibility. I had to make sure I had money set aside for bills before I could even think of splurging at the mall. I still had common sense to have some money saved, just in case. I couldn’t be happier with how my mother chose to raise myself or my siblings, especially nowadays.

So what do kids do now? Just ask mom or dad, and now you have some money. No more chores, no more allowance. I can’t understand how some people can afford that. What about the responsibility? Where is the independence?  Now I’m not trying to offend anyone here, just an honest opinion that I have. A few people I know, both have no idea what responsibility means. One, is in their 30’s and STILL has the parents (who might I add, are split) pay for everything. Another, maybe in the 40’s. But the SAME thing, except this time it’s the poor grandparents. I’m not blaming these two individuals. I am blaming the parents for 1) not teaching them responsibility and 2) not cutting it off. I could see how one might need to ask their parents for some help, but not expecting the parents to still pay for everything as if they were children.

I am glad I was raised the way I was. I earn my money through hard work, maybe I work harder and get paid a shit ton less than what I would like, but it is my money that pays for my roof over my head. I may live paycheck to paycheck and only once in awhile have splurging money, but it was my hard earned money. My children will be raised the way I was as well, because what will it be like in 20 or 40 years? Times change.

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  1. We are bringing kids up in a wealthy area at the moment, and it’s a continual struggle to teach them about the value of money – and how it has to be earned. We are surrounded by wealthy families with millennial children who expect everything to be given to them, and then blame their parents for not instilling any work ethic. It’s nuts.

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