Where did summer go?

It’s the end of August. The END! Where did summer go?! Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and am excited for it to be fall….but honestly where did summer go? It really hasn’t felt like summer at all. Between the weather constantly being rainy, or in the 70s…where was that summer weather?

This year definitely has not been anywhere near as nice as last year…at least where I live. We had some stretches of nice weather but I wish the warm weather was just as nice as last year. More warmer days being able to spend outside in the sun, not inside because its chilly or raining. Some days it has been extremely humid, but cloudy.  Not the weather that you can go to the waterpark or lounge around at the lake.

There were days that were like spring or fall weather…not summer. I suppose you could blame global warming? I am sad for summer to end because I enjoy my bikinis and being tan, but my birthday is in the fall and I love being able to wear a hoodie and shorts! Even though so days you need pants/leggings and not shorts. The seasons are just going by way to fast, maybe they are confused. HA! Imagine that, the seasons confusing themselves. If only they could confuse themselves, lets be real right?

So summer is almost over. Kids are going back to school, but my life didn’t change. Working Monday-Friday, eight hour shifts each day. But summer at least makes it somewhat tolerable because it gets me more active, walking outside in the sunshine. When its winter, forget that. Summer is ending. Can you imagine the summer weather year round? You guys who live in the warm weather year round are SO lucky. Living so close to a beach, being able to just sit there for a few hours whenever you feel like it. Now that is what summer is all about! Of curse, being with the ones you love makes that better. How many more days until the next summer?