Animal Adoption

th5.jpgFor awhile now I have been wanting my own animal again to curl up with when you are sick, take on walks, teach them tricks, etc.. Cats, dogs, it doesn’t matter. All kinds of animals I want as my own again. I always, ALWAYS, had pets growing up. And not just dogs and cats, fish, hamsters, iguanas, a ferret and more. But for the past three years I haven’t had my own, unless you count my boyfriends parents dog (because lets face it, he is basically my dog always following me and snuggling with me, sleeping over, etc.). Anyways, when we finally are in the right spot to have our own, I want to adopt. I don’t want to go to a pet store.

Those pet stores, those animals there, they are guaranteed to find their own home in a few short weeks if not days. The animals at the shelter? Not so lucky. Granted, there are a lot of people who do adopt. Those getting adopted though are generally babies….not animals full grown. And while I completely understand you want to adopt a baby (I do as well) those older animals deserve a home too. They deserve their own home, especially if they are older. I hate seeing sad stories about older dogs in shelters and they just look SO HAPPY! Then you read their little background, and my heart breaks because some of them are terrible!

Occasionally, I browse through our local shelter online and sometimes I see the same older animal there…even MONTHS later. I mean, come on! My heart breaks for those poor things. So, when we finally can adopt a dog, I will adopt an older dog. I want to give him/her the best life possibly even if it means just a few short years. At least he/she was happy those last couple of years. If you can adopt two, adopt a baby and an older dog. This is why I can’t be taken to the shelter until we are fully ready to adopt. I wouldn’t leave until that dog was leaving with me. I can’t understand how people can be so hateful and uncaring towards an animal that relies on you to live and in a lot of cases can’t fend for themselves. Now I do understand that some people fall into hard times and give up their animal because they can’t give them the life they need or deserve, and that’s acceptable, but not these other poor excuses of human beings that are just so terrible I can’t even talk about it. I hope those poor excuses find themselves in the same position some day, and that animal they did so many terrible things to has the best life  ever.